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We are always in need of loving foster homes and are grateful for the commitment that our fosters make. By opening up your home to foster dogs, you are not only saving lives, but providing the individual attention and love that these dogs desperately need.

We view our relationship with our fosters as a partnership, and we will work with you to make it succeed. Although the rewards are huge, fostering can be challenging and hard work. Sometimes it’s heart wrenching, usually it’s messy, and it is rarely convenient.

The application is intended to ensure that you know what you are getting into and are ready to make the commitment. At the same time, it will inform us about your strengths, limitations, and areas where you may need extra support. Our goal is to place dogs in foster homes where they will fit with the foster’s lifestyle, capacity and expectations.

Fostering with Okandogs

The Basics

  • You must be 21 years or older

  • You must complete a foster application

  • You must have a stable residence, where everyone residing there is in agreement to have a dog. This includes written landlord approval.

  • You must agree to bring the dog(s) to our Cashmere location for adoption meet and greets.

  • You must be able to coordinate transport of your foster dog(s) to scheduled medical appointments.

What is Expected of Our Foster Parents

  • They provide access to nutritious food (supplied by Okandogs), clean water and adequate shelter.   

  • They provide the dog with exercise, basic obedience training and house-training. Proper training greatly increases a dog’s chance of being adopted.

  • They are responsible for the safety of each foster dog that comes into their care, and for the safety of other dogs and people the dog comes into contact with.

  • They keep foster dogs on their leash when they’re outside of a house or securely fenced yard.  

  • They keep any fostered dog safely confined in a fenced yard, kennel run, or inside a house or garage when the dog is not with them or a family member.  Crate training is highly encouraged.

  • At no time are foster dogs placed outside unattended on a tie-out (in a yard, in front of a café, store etc.)

  • Our fosters immediately notify us in the event of a missing, injured, or sick dog.​

What Okandogs Covers

  • Okandogs provides food and pays for all required medical procedures. All vet visits must be arranged and approved by Okandogs.

  • Whenever we can, we offer donated items for the dogs, like treats, toys, beds, etc. If a foster parent needs something for their dog, they should contact us to let us know.

  • If available, we can lend crates to foster homes, but they must be returned to Okandogs when a foster dog is adopted.

Dog Adoptions

  • Inquiries about adopting the foster dog should be directed to Okandogs.  We’ll arrange an official meet and greet where one of our representatives can be present for the visit.

  • Fosters sometimes decide that they would like to adopt their foster dog.  However, they must go through the same adoption process as anyone else, including completing an adoption application and paying the associated adoption fees.

  • If you need to return your foster dog to us for any reason, we’ll need enough warning to find it a new home.  

  • We retain the right to remove a foster dog from foster care at any time.

  • Our fosters can’t give their dogs to anyone until an adoption has been approved and an Adoption Agreement form is signed off by an Okandogs representative.​

Foster Dogs and Children

  • Since we don’t know the total history of the dogs we rescue, our dogs should never, under any circumstances be left unattended with children, and parents should be cautious and observant when children are eating or playing with the dog in the room.

  • If there’s a child under 5 in the house the dog needs to be in its crate or a separate room while it’s eating or sleeping to limit the risk of accidents

  • We ask that young children don’t walk our dogs unless an adult is with them.

  • Also, keep in mind that a child in the house with a dog is at risk of being accidentally knocked over, scratched or bitten etc.

  • If your foster dog gives you any concerns or you feel uncomfortable with the situation between the dog and a child let us know.

Foster Dogs and Other Animals

  • Foster dogs and cats should be introduced to each other slowly and cautiously over a period of a few weeks while the dog is kept on a leash.

  • Just as with children, don’t leave your foster dog in the same room as other animals unattended.

  • Do not feed your foster dog in the same room as other pets, and don’t leave toys and treats laying around the house.

  • If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.  


If you are interested in fostering, get started by clicking on the Foster Application button below.

If you prefer to complete a printed foster application, please click on the button on the right and mail the completed application to Okandogs at 6820 Osprey Lane, Cashmere, WA 98815

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